About Us, the centralized information resource for the latest news on national and international DNA database developments, was created by Ms. Raphaele Moreau-Horwin, MA, MFS. Ms. Moreau-Horwin is a forensic DNA database consultant with experience with U.S. and European DNA database development. She first became interested in DNA databases in 2001 when she investigated the best practices for optimizing cold hits in eight states. Ms. Moreau-Horwin is tri-lingual (French, Dutch and English) and holds masters degrees in both Political Science and Forensic Science. She has given presentations on the development and best practices of DNA databases at various workshops including the Mediterranean Academy of Forensic Science and LabCorp. She has also attended various national and international forensic conferences including those sponsored and organized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI CODIS conferences), INTERPOL, National Institute of Justice, California Association of Criminalistics, North Carolina Justice Academy and the North Carolina Program for Forensic Science. Ms. Moreau-Horwin is available to consult on American and European DNA database projects. She may be contacted at:

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